Digital Mapping Information

Below are links to download Kaufman County Appraisal District digital mapping files. These files are saved in the ESRI ‘Shapefile’ format. This data can be viewed with the ESRI shareware viewer ‘ArcExplorer’.

Click here to download ArcExplorer. Instructions for installing this software.

Warning! Files are large and download is only recommended for High Speed Modems!


Select the layer you want below:

Layer Description Size
Ownership18 Main file for parcels with ownership 2018 13 MB
Abstracts18 Main file for Abstract lines 2018 535 KB
Streets18 Main file for roads 2018 1.5 MB
CountyLine18 Main file for county line 2018 60 KB
City_Limits18 Main file for city limits 2018 90 KB
Historical Maps Archived ownership maps – from 2000 80 MB
Grid Map Index Map of the county with the Kaufman County Map Grid 90 KB

The PARCELS shapefile database contains the respective Property ID number that Corresponds with the property ownership information.

The Mapbook and Historical Maps are large zip files and will need to be downloaded and uncompressed into a new folder on your computer. There is a grid map index.pdf in the directory that will display the Kaufman County Map Grid and is hot linked to the individual maps.

The Kaufman Central Appraisal District does not warrant, or guarantee the accuracy, correctness, or sufficiency of the information or representation contained in this document and expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection herewith.

Contact Information
(972) 932-6081
PO Box 819
Kaufman, TX 75142
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Chief Appraiser
Sarah Curtis
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Notice: The Appraisal District is giving public notice of the capitalization rate to be used each year to appraise property receiving an exemption under Section 11.1825 of the Property Tax Code for Organizations Constructing or Rehabilitating Low-Income Housing:  Property Not Previously Exempt. 2023 Low Income Housing Apartment Capitalization Rate:  7.5% - 9.5%