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Application/Forms Property Tax Code Reference
Request to Combine Real Property Accounts
Change of Address Request
Request for Confidentiality Form
Residence Homestead Exemption Application Residence Homestead Section 11.13
Disabled Veterans or Survivors Exemption Application Disabled Veterans Section 11.22
Heir Property Owner Heir Property Owner Spanish Version
Special Appraisal
Agricultural 1-d-1 Application Definitions of Agricultural Land Section 23.51
Ag Guidelines  1-D-1 Open Space Valuation, Wildlife Management Plan
General Guidelines & Degrees of Intensity for 1-d-1 Open Space Land Appraisal Supplement to Agricultural Valuation Application
BPP Rendition Rendition Generally Section 22.01
General Real Estate Rendition Extension Request for Business Personal Property
2022 BPP Depreciation Schedule Revocation of Appointment of Agent for Property Tax Matters
Business Personal Property Exempt Business / Personal Vehicle Appointment of Agent
Special Inventory
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration / Confidential Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory; Value Section 23.121
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement / Confidential Prepayment of Taxes by Certain Taxpayers Section 23.122
Dealer’s Vessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Declaration / Confidential Dealer’s Vessel and Outboard Motor Inventory: Value Section 23.124
Dealer’s Vessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Tax Statement / Confidential Prepayment of Taxes by Certain Taxpayers Section 23.125
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory: Value Section 23.1241
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax Statement Prepayment of Taxes by Heavy Equipment Dealers Section 23.1242
Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Declaration Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory: Value Section 23. 127
ARB – Appraisal Review Board
Notice of Protest Right of Protest Section 41.41
Request of Evidence for ARB Hearing
Affidavit of Evidence Form 50-283


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(972) 932-6081
PO Box 819
Kaufman, TX 75142
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Chief Appraiser
Sarah Curtis
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Property Tax 101: Why the Property Tax
Property Tax 101: The Mechanics
Notice: The Appraisal District is giving public notice of the capitalization rate to be used each year to appraise property receiving an exemption under Section 11.1825 of the Property Tax Code for Organizations Constructing or Rehabilitating Low-Income Housing:  Property Not Previously Exempt. 2022 Low Income Housing Apartment Capitalization Rate:  7.5% - 9.5%